Cabinet Noir X BANX 5th Birthday in store Party

by Seto Kiswoyo

Friday October 19th saw the doors of Cabinet Noir flood with inspired and street-wear enthused guests, whom came together to help celebrate the birth of stores: Cabinet Noir and BANX, and their successful 5 years.

With illustrious brands and designers on display, in store and worn by some of our supportive guests, the affecting and incredibly diverse array of fashion-forward attires were, to say the least, nothing short of mesmerizing.

I sat quiet and analysed the happenings of the Cabinet Noir X BANX 5th birthday. Playful conversation, a DJ set that alluded nights far outside the creative, musical realm of Perth and a conjoined appreciation for Luxe Streetwear. The short walls were furnished by similar-minded individuals, whom although varied in absolute difference, found pertinent inspiration from one another.

 A night that, to put it simply, was not worth a miss.

The Cabinet Noir X BANX 5th Birthday Party.

The night was accompanied by established clothing label BANX.

BANX is an Australian modern streetwear brand, that strives to showcase streetwear of the highest quality. Established in 2014, BANX draws inspiration from a range of cultural, artistic, and architectural aesthetics.  BANX joined us in celebrating the birth of not only Cabinet Noir but also for the birth of BANX and their pre-dominant and inspiring 5 years.

Cabinet Noir is built on a foundation of love and support for all those that surround us. We strive to uplift others whilst we also try to uplift and better ourselves. So, to have the team from BANX with us to celebrate both stores, the evening was that little bit sweeter.  

Throughout the night, guests had the opportunity to shop the latest in store, as well as purchase a custom Cabinet Noir 5th Birthday tee.

We would like to thank DJ’s F R Y, EMPIRE, COCO DAFOE, MAZHU, IAMSHARRR for setting the perfect ambience throughout the evening and for your genuine support.  

We would also like to thank all guests for their energy and support over the past 5 years. The evening was unforgettable, and we have each and every one of you to thank.

Let’s look forward to number 6.

Cabinet Noir 5th Birthday t-shirts are still available in store and online. They are selling fast, so grab yours now!

Written by Amaani Alikhan
Image by Bernard Marcelo